The Reasons for the Deviation of Lefu Laminator

2021-05-21 13:48:41

Lefu laminator is a kind of special equipment for sticker, paper, board, and laminating film. After being pressurized by a rubber roller and a heating roller, they are combined to form a paper-plastic product. Today, let’s talk about the reasons for the deviation of the fully automatic laminating machine.


1.The pressure of two side roller is unbalanced,one side pressure is too heavy,another is too light. Then you should adjust the pressure of two side separately.

2.  Lamintor speed can operate too fast, need to under control.

3.  Worker need to put the material in the middle of operation table to avoid the material deviation.

Zhengzhou MEFU CNC Equipment CO., LTD. LeFu Laminator ( & is a leading manufacturer of hot laminator, cold laminator, heat-assist warm Laminator, automatic and manual laminator, laminating and cutting machine, thermal laminating films in China from 2006.

Since factory establish, LeFu Laminator has been an innovative force in the lamination industry from the introduction of the first single-side semi-automatic heat-assist cold laminator in 2006 for the market to the most recent introduction of laminating and cutting laminator in 2018. The new design and operation idea are used in laminating industry.

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