How to operate control panel

2021-11-23 15:49:15

Do you clearly know how to operate the control panel? Do you know how to set the parameters? Do you know what does each indicator light mean? Follow me, I will tell you the detailed operation of the control panel.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

Lefu is a leading manufacture of low-heat cold laminator, thermal laminating equipment, wide format laminating machine and thermal laminating films for graphics and building industries in China from year of 2006.

1、display switch; 2、Rise temperature;3、Drop temperature; 4、Continuous rotation;5、forward/Reverse;6、Front knob switch ; 7、Speed control knob;8、Preparation light;9、Heating light;10、Display screen;


Long press the “■ SET” key for three seconds to turn on or off the heating system.

After the heating is turned on, click the “■ SET” button to set the parameters;The “heat” light up when heating;

When the set temperature is reached, the “preparation” light up, and the “preparation” light flashes as normal when laminating;

When the indicator lights are “continuously” on, it is a continuous rotation state.

When the indicator lights “stop” lighting, it is in a stopped state. In this state, the foot switch can control the rotation of the roller.

When the indicator light “reverse” is on, the rotation of the roller can only be controlled by the foot switch.

Click “ON/AC” to realize the control switch of the front and rear speed control knobs(Non-standard, optional)

Note: Please do not use this knob as a switch.

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