How to deal with problems after laminating film (2)

2022-09-02 09:20:34
There are “white spots” after the screen 1. Insufficient glue adhesion Increase the use of ambient temperature; 2. Glue thin General distance is not long, before and after the shutdown has a greater chance, generally pull off a few meters can; 3. PP backing surface feel “rough” feeling A. Replace the PP adhesive backing, B. Or use the studio film over the screen; 4. Dust in the air A. Purify the operating environment, B. Close the air blowing or into the air source; 5. Water droplets (such as saliva) unintentionally splashed on the surface of the spray painting A. Operation attention, especially when talking not to the screen, B. Dry the air temperature of the environment, such as: open the air conditioning, hot air fan or ventilation, etc.. FOR MORE INFORMATIONS:
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