How to deal with problems after laminating film (3)

2022-09-13 10:43:59
Laminating film problem three: over the painting immediately after the “bubble” 1. The glue is not “ripe” — change the cold laminating film Lamination film problem four: there are “bubbles” After the painting is very good, but placed after a period of time (or the next day) there are “bubbles” 1. The glue is not “ripe” thoroughly — open the cold lamination film Packaging, placed in the air for 2-5 days, so that the glue in natural conditions fully “ripening”; 2. the picture is not fully dry, especially in winter, because the winter ink has antifreeze composition, not easy to volatilize completely. — let the screen fully dry, generally placed in the winter to be longer than the summer and autumn time more than double, and then over painting (must pay attention to dust); 3. Large area of a single color such as: all black / all red, etc. — A. Adjust the light color, B. Replace the ink, C. Fully dry the screen (completely dry), D. Heating the screen, E. Replace the cold laminating film with stronger adhesion, the thinner the better. 4. The ambient temperature is low, so that the cold laminating film surface is too hard — improve the use of the ambient temperature; 5. Cold laminating film is too thick — replace with a thin cold laminating film; 6. immediately after the picture rolled up, the glue and the picture is not fully integrated — flat after the picture placed more than 45 minutes and then rolled up. 7. glue aging — replace the cold laminating film. For more information:
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