How to choose a suitable LeFu roller laminator?

2022-10-06 15:05:08

LeFu has focused on laminating industry more than 10 years. We are one of the leading manufacturer s in China. We sell our machines in more than 40 counties.we have more than ten years’ experience,it makes us very professional in flat bed and roll to roll laminating and cutting machine.

LeFu have many models of roll to roll laminator machines,but how to choose a suitable roller laminator.LeFu roller laminator is large format machines.When buying a laminator, there are also some factors should be considered:

1. Hot or cold laminator?

2. What size do I need?

(Usually the laminating width based on your printer width)

3.What is the laminating speed of the laminator?

(Laminator speed determines the efficiency of work)

4. Is the machine easy to operate? How efficient is it?

LeFu roll to roll laminator 1700-D1,1700-D2,1700-D3 and 1700-D4,Each type of machine has its own unique

advantages.For example, model 1700-D3 is cheaper,model 1700-D2 is very fast.The four models are

available for all occasions.If you identify the four factors above,you can easily choose a machine that is suit for you.

We have not only roll to roll laminator but also flatbed lamiantor.If you want to know more about laminator, you can visit our website:www. 

Welcome to choose the laminator freely.

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