Daily maintenance of LEFU laminator machine

2022-10-06 15:08:44

As we all know, daily maintenance of the machine can effectively increase the service life of the machine and reduce the incidence of failure. For example, the car needs to be maintained every once in a while, which extends the use time of the car and is also responsible for its own safety. So the maintenance of laminator is also very important, Not only can prolong the service life of the machine, but also can make the machine work steadily.

LeFu has many machine models, but the maintenance of the machine is the same. Let’s talk about the maintenance of LeFu laminating machine.

1.Regularly check the power supply and the foot switch connection for damage, and prevent wires from fraying and breaking

2. Not use cutters or hard stuff to scratch the roller, when the laminating work is finished, the rubber roller should be lifted to prevent the rubber roller from being deformed for a long time.

3.keep the roller clean from dust, and clean roller with cotton yarn and alcohol on time. Gently rotate to wipe roller to avoid a concentrated wipe, which may cause damage to the surface of roller.

4. Check the flexibility of the rotating parts regularly, and add high temperature resistant grease to lubricate the bearings at both ends of the roller.

5. Clean the dirt on the motor and keep away from flammable and explosive materials.

6. After the machine fails, be sure to cut off the power supply and stop use to get technicians fixed. The machine life depends on the standard operation of daily use and timely maintenance.

Have you maintained your laminating machine today? If not, follow the above requirements and act quickly!

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