LeFu 1700-D2 Double Sides Wide Format Roll Laminator

2022-09-23 09:53:03

As professional laminating machine manufacturer in China, LeFu has been developing a laminating machine that adapts to more users. LF1700-D2 laminator is Is a highly variable roll laminator,Speed 25m/min. First of all, we mainly introduced LF1700-D2 as a double-sided 1600mm roll laminator with 60°C/ 140°F and 120°C/ 248°F laminating temperature as optional. This machine has many practical functions.

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-Roller Control


Now the way to adjust the roller up and down has a great press button, you only need tp press then the roller can easily up and down with pneumatic air compressor.

-Operating Display


There are two operating displays on Lf1700-D2 laminator, one is  in the front of it and another is in the back. That means you can operate the machine through the front display or the back one.


-Lamination Sensor

When the sensor senses that there is no film on the console, it will automatically lift the rubber roller to stop the film process.

-Light Function

Arranged light on the laminator can help you do better to operate the machine in the night or faint light.

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Although we have set D2 as a double-sided high and low temperature laminating machine, it can be converted into single-sided high temperature and single-sided low temperature, double-sided low temperature and double-sided high temperature .We also have single-sided wide format roll laminator, like LF1700-D1, LF1700-D3 and LF1700-D4 roll laminator.so that users can efficiently select machine categories based on the material they need to laminate.

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