How To Properly Care For Your Lefu Laminator

2022-03-17 14:39:02

There are several simple things you can do to ensure your Lefu laminator operates at peak performance and lasts for years with minimal maintenance.

First, pay careful attention when you load new film into your roll laminator. The number one cause of maintenance repairs for roll laminators is loading the film incorrectly. If you load lamination film backwards, the lamination adhesive melts and coats the rollers and other parts of the machine with the hot adhesive. This accumulation can build up over time and cause multiple issues with your laminator. If the film is wrapped around the rollers, or inserted backwards, clean the rollers before using the machine for any other applications.

Secondly, it is important to occasionally clean the rollers on your laminator. Even the most carefully maneuvered applications result in some adhesive deposit on the rollers, usually where the lamination film edge is positioned, so it is imperative to clean the heat rollers occasionally. This is a simple process; however, you must never use a knife, blade, or any other sharp object that could easily damage your rollers. The adhesive may be extremely hard and difficult to remove from the rollers, so rotate the rollers slowly and clean them regularly for the best results. The expert recommendation is to clean the rollers at least 2-4 times a year, depending on your usage.

There are additional things you can do/not do to prevent problems:

Do not laminate metallic or glittered items because the glitter can easily get stuck in the rollers and damage the laminator, and never laminate heavily-textured materials or items: coins or wood, as these types of objects will likely break your machine.

Let your machine warm up completely before use.

Always load your lamination film so the adhesive faces away from the rollers.

Let finished laminated materials cool before removing them from the machine.

Make sure you use films that are appropriate for the ratings of your laminator.

Do not leave your laminator on for long periods of time, unless it is designed with a stand-by mode.

Do not take your laminator apart; this will void your warranty.

By following the above guidelines and recommendations, you will ensure that your laminating machine lasts a long time and always operates at maximum efficiency with minimal maintenance.

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