3 Uses For Lefu Wide Format Laminator

2021-12-30 15:18:00

Lefu wide format laminator gives your print ship the flexibility to all kinds of projects.  There are no restrictions on the size of project you can do. You can now use commercial roll laminator film up to 54” or even 64” in some cases. So what kind of things can you laminate with those sizes?

1.Poster Size Material

This is perfect for Lefu wide format laminator. You have a customer that wants to have wall sized posters printed and laminated. You will need Lefu wide format laminator do cover your poster. An example would be a large wall map you may find in a school. You can do it.

2.Floor Graphics

With the Lefu roll lamination, you can laminate interesting floor graphics for creative marketing.  Floor graphics are perfect for short term marketing or seasonal marketing and can withstand foot traffic up to 6 months. They can easily be changed without harming the floor.

3.Window Displays

Those window graphics you see at your favorite fast food restaurant, those are produced from wide format laminator. The window displays are installed with a 2 step process. You apply the permeant side of your clear mounting material to the face of a print. Then remove the the release liner of the second adhesive and apply to the glass. Easy to install and easy to remove based on your client’s marketing calendar.

Lefu wide format laminator gives you the flexibility to offer more than just a laminated document. With a large selection of wide format roll lamination film with multiple sizes and textures, your customers can creatively express themselves to get customers to buy.

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