Why we suggest you purchase earlier?

2020-12-05 16:01:21

As we all know, since 2020, all the world is suffering COVID-19. Businesses in all walks of life are struggling. Therefore, the price we offered this year is the best, especially in the recent promotion, one unit film holder provided freely with one set machine, which is unprecedented. The promotion includes all of our models, both roll to roll and flatbed laminator.

Because of Chinese New Year in Feb., many customers purchase machines as stock. We need to arrange production one by one. If you’d like to order within in this month, we will try to delivery next month. After that, we can not arrange shipping maybe until March.

Electric Hot /Cold Single /Double Roll Laminating Machine

During the epidemic, the sea freight has risen wildly, and the price in many places has doubled several times. That’s not the worst part, though. Despite the high prices, there are still shortages in many places. If orders are not placed recently, sea freight may continue to rise rapidly.

Electric Hot /Cold Single /Double Roll Laminating Machine

If you are in need of a laminating machine, if you agree with my idea, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately!

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