New Machine : LEFU 1700-F1 Heavy Laminator

2020-11-20 16:30:47

Lefu 1700-F1 Heavy Laminator is our new product,and the following is a detailed introduction of the product’s functions.

1.ZhiFu Intelligent System

2500 square meters/hour, applicable for polymer film no bottom paper film and other materials.

2.Paperless Self-stop Function

It can be set the number of laminating meters and the rest meters which needs to laminate with slower speed, to ensure that the high-speed laminating can be slower automatically and stopped accurately.

3.Function of Recording Meters

It can record the last laminating number within 15 days accurately for querying.

 Electric Hot /Cold Single /Double Roll Laminating Machine

4.Safety Protection Function

There is caution sound and light when the films will be finished. Machine will be stopped emergency, and the roller will lift automatically with caution sound and light if a foreign matter to enter the roller.

5.Large Diameter for Material

The diameter of the roller for screen part is 45CM and the finished product is 55CM, which can realize continuous laminating with special thickening materials or multiple rolls of materials.

6.Standard Pneumatic Rod

Pneumatic material rod with handle, easy to lift up and down the material, suitable for all non-standard paper tube.

 Electric Hot /Cold Single /Double Roll Laminating Machine

7.Brushless DC motor

It adopts brushless DC motor, with high output torque, low noise and long using life.

8.Multi – tool Position Longitudinal Cutting

Knife advance rod can be rise and fall by button. Automatic rectify deviation while cutting to ensure surface regularity. We will provide three Japanese tungsten steel blade.

For mang years , LEFU has been an innovative force in the laminator field. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and quality is unsurpassed.

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