What is a Wide Format Laminator?

2020-03-27 15:54:52
Wide Format Laminators are machines that use a set of rollers that utilize heat and / or pressure to apply lamination film and mounting adhesive to printed media.  Laminators come in sizes from 38’’-65’’ wide to meet the needs of a variety of digital printers, sign shops and print service providers. The Max width of Lefu roll to roll laminator is 1630mm while table applicator is 1300mm or 1700mmm. Wide Format Laminators are unique in their application versatility as they can not only apply laminating films and mounting adhesives to flexible graphics but also mount these graphics to a rigid substrate. Why would you use a Wide Format Laminator? Wide Format Laminators are an essential component of the print finishing process. They allow print service providers to transform printed images into sellable, finished graphics used in applications such as outdoor signage, trade show graphics, vehicle graphics, window graphics, mounted displays, banners, posters and floor graphics. If you have these requirements, please feel free to contact us, Lefu laminator will make you satisfied.
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