The Principle and Characteristic of Hot Laminator

2020-03-21 15:57:10

More and more people starts to use hot laminator, start by understanding the principle and characteristic of this machine. The following is a brief introduction.

Laminator include hot laminator and cold laminator. How much do you know about laminator? According to hot laminator, Lefu are summarized several points as follows today. Hope to be helpful to you

The effect and feature of hot lamination film:

  1. Hot lamination film will be laminate in the picture, to improve image intensity and  the surface abradability.
  2. The picture and are separated from the air. In order to prevent dampness, corrosion and dry of corrosive atmosphere, which caused by distort and cracking. And prevent water and exposure to ultraviolet light caused faded and change colour. To maintain the picture with high color brilliance to extent the picture life spans.
  3. The pictures are posted on the panel or the cloth to make hanging adverting image.
  4. Sheet will be special mask or pressure in the picture, in order to form a light matt, oil painting, virtual, stereo and other special artistic effect.

The principle of hot lamination film:

When hot lamination film are heated to the point ( about 100~120℃), the method of mounting by turns roller. There have single side and double side hot laminate. Due to it have great optical transparency and waterproof, good heat resistance, high hardness. It suitable for advertising images postproduction work.

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