The Difference Between Cold and Hot Lamination Film

2021-11-03 10:33:59

Photo inkjet is the main entity method to support for advertising. The high-definition picture of indoor inkjet advertisements is also a display form that many merchants and users like to use. The high-speed, high-precision inkjet printout of the photo machine with the cold lamination film application can achieve perfect results.

Therefore, cold lamination film has gradually been widely used. Recently, many users have asked us about the main differences between cold and lamination film. We will explain in detail today:The technology of lamination film is divided into cold and hot lamination film, which is commonly known as a lamination film.

Electric Hot /Cold Single /Double Roll Laminating Machine

Cold Lamination Film

It is a process applied to DM advertising design. Cold laminating film is made of transparent PVC by backing glue. According to the texture of the film surface, it can be divided into glossy film, matte film and special texture protective film. Glossy film and matte film are widely used in advertising production. The cold lamination film is covered with a cold lamination machine on the screen of the printing photo to prevent the screen (printing surface) from being scratched, contaminated or wetted, thereby it can protect the screen. In terms of production, the cold laminating film technology is hand-made. It is hand-made by lamination machine. Moreover, cold laminating technology is less expensive than hot laminating technology.

Hot Lamination Film

Electric Hot /Cold Single /Double Roll Laminating Machine

The hot lamination film utilizes physical thermal properties, forms a molten state in a high temperature environment, and is cooled to form a sealed protective space. The hot lamination film needs to be formed by two processes of hot and cold, and it can maintain the stability for a long time. However, due to the complicated process, it is necessary to use a special machine to make it, and the individual generally cannot make it by himself, so the cost is high.

Through above information, I believe that everyone has already understood the main differences between cold and hot lamination film. Lefu laminator reminds customers to make reasonable purchases according to the instructions.

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