Matters Needing Attention in the Use of Lefu Cold Laminator

2021-11-04 15:10:46

The basic function of the cold laminating film is to isolate the picture from the air. The special protective transparent film is laminated on the picture through cold pressing and heating. Lefu cold laminating machine covers the protective film on the picture to make the picture The strength and surface abrasion resistance are improved, which can keep the bright color of the picture screen for a long time and extend the life of the picture display. It needs a long shelf life, so if you want to keep the image for the best and longest time, cold lamination is a must. The emergence of Lefu’s multifunctional cold lamination machine is very suitable for advertising production and other high-demand Color picture cold laminating machine.

Installation and operation of Lefu cold laminator

Electric Hot /Cold Single /Double Roll Laminating Machine

1. Install the cold laminator on a special support and place it on a stable and firm workbench. Then make a special platform for film laminating, the height is 5 mm lower than the edge of the film laminating machine, the width is 1600 mm, and the length is more than 1 meter.

2. Put the material that needs to be laminating or running the cold laminator on the iron roller in front of the cold laminator, and the coating side will face up after entering the cold laminator.

3. Adjust the pressure regulating hand wheel on the cold laminator, raise the rubber roller, and then pass the material out of the two rubber rollers 10 cm.

4. If you need to mount the film, you need to pass the cold lamination film out of the two rubber rollers of the cold lamination machine 10 cm, and place it on top of the consumable. The film and consumable must be aligned on both sides.

5. Adjust the position of the consumables on the platform so that the tightness of the two ends on the cold laminator is basically the same, then adjust the pressure regulating hand wheel on the machine, put the rubber roller down, and adjust it to the idle position. The pressure at both ends must be the same.

Lefu cold laminating machine has high mounting quality and strong picture quality, whether it is digital sublimation printer, whether it is photo studio image wedding photography, graphic fast printing advertising light box production, or traditional printing, all kinds of inkjet printing Colorful advertising posters; personalized indoor or outdoor personal portraits with high definition and high appreciation value, corporate promotions suitable for outdoor use or long-term indoor preservation, product posters, post-production of huge photo studio photos, cold mounting Film can be used Lefu cold laminating machine.

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