Precautions for Installing Lefu Laminator

2021-12-02 15:24:13

Before disassembling and assembling Lefu Laminator, check the packing box for damage during transportation, which may cause damage to the laminator. After unpacking, check whether the accessories are complete according to the packing list.

1, The installation site of the laminator should have enough operating space, The environment should be clean, no dust, no steam, no corrosive gas pollution, no flammable and explosive materials stacked, and the ground level should be good.

2, Do not place the laminator where the wind can blow directly, otherwise it will affect the surface temperature of the roller and cause the quality of the film to be unstable.

3, The caster wheel on the laminator can only be used for short-distance movement on a relatively flat ground.

4, The load of the laminator uses single-phase 220V AC voltage (or 100-110V needs to be customized). Check whether the power supply meets the requirements and whether the capacity is large enough before connecting the power. The power supply should be equipped with a single-phase 220V, 20A leakage circuit breaker with overcurrent protection, and a good grounding to prevent personal injury.

5, When using a forklift to move the laminator, the forklift arm can be placed under the beam of the frame, but there must be personnel on both sides to prevent the laminator from tipping back and forth.

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