Lefu laminator General Laminating Process

2021-08-23 11:46:35
Laminating work is a very fine, strong technical work, for beginners should be under the guidance of experienced technicians to laminating work, the following is only the LeFu laminator general laminating operation.
Manual Cold Press Roll Laminating Laminator Machine
Preheat preparation
1.Turn on the main switch
2.Lower the top cots
3.Press the “continuous”, “forward” switch, the governor rotates to “1”
4. The preset temperature is generally set at 45℃ (it takes about 10-20 minutes to reach the working temperature)
5. Take a roll of film, load the material rod, put the material rod into the bracket, pull the film by hand, should ensure that there is appropriate resistance, through the side of the black handle to adjust
6. Roll the picture to be mounted on the paper tube and fix it on the rewinding bracket
Electric Hot /Cold Single /Double Roll Laminating Machine
When the cots reach the set temperature
1.Press the “inching” switch, the cots stop rotating
2.The paper pressure rod, anti – clamp plate removed, lifting cots
3.Pull the picture to be mounted on the front work table, the white edge of the front part of the picture inserted between the upper and lower cots, put the paper lever, drop cots
4.Turn on the manual valve and lower the up cots
5.Press the “Continuous” switch to begin mounting
6.Adjust the speed by turning the governor knob clockwise
7.If the film appears obvious wrinkles, it is necessary to stop the Lefu machine, cut the film and reinstall the film
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