Brief Introduction of Company

2021-08-15 11:52:42
Zhengzhou Zhifu CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. is the world’s leading manufacturer of laminating machine equipment and a provider of post-advertising solutions.
It has four major brands under its jurisdiction: MEFU, LEFU, ELIBO, and MOC. It is our constant pursuit to insist on leading and innovating, and providing customers with high-quality advertising post-production solutions.
tor High Speed Hot and Cold Automatic Laminating Machine
Zhifu CNC has established an information dissemination system with e-commerce, exhibitions and agents as the main body, and serves more professional customers with a more professional attitude.
The sales and service network in 78 countries around the world can relieve customers’ worries in a timely and efficient manner and save customers’ costs.
 Cheap Price Electric Cold Laminators Laminating Machine for Sale
From the first electric low-heating cold laminator to the ultra-high-speed (50m/min) automatic correction cutting and laminating machine, MEFU and LEFU that contains LF-1700 D1 LF-1700 D2, LF-1700D3 and s on have been leading the way in solving the actual needs of customers for more than ten years. Industry changes, innovative laminating solutions.
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