Lefu New Model 1600Pro Series Laminators

2022-06-30 15:59:49

Never again will you have to put off laminating until the end of the day, and it’s all thanks to the power and versatility of the Lefu New Model 1600Pro Series. It’s the 63” upright roll to roll machine your professional sign shop has been waiting for, and it’s ready to laminate anywhere and anytime.

Laminate Like Lefu 1600Pro, Every Time 

Thanks to its unique pneumatic system, the Lefu 1600 Pro Series allows anyone to laminate like a pro with ease. With even pressure applied to both ends of the roll, you’ll be able to enjoy the smoothest feed on the market. Just what you need when you want to leave the competition in the shade.

7 Ways Lefu 1600Pro Series Changes the Game 

The safest, fastest, and most flexible way to apply hot or cold laminates in seconds

Tension input system creates a perfectly flat feed without any trial and error

With an integrated take up reel as standard, the Pro Series has it all covered 

Unique pneumatic system ensures the correct pressure every time, resulting in beautiful consistent laminated prints

Clever Feed-Through button on the rear of the machine allows you to laminate extra material before attaching to the rear take up reel

 A big name at an everyday affordable price — the Lefu 1600 Pro-series is always ready and waiting.

Lefu works closely with customers and printer manufacturers to develop laminating solutions for the latest print technology, gives us full control over quality flexibility with regard to design changes, customization and product improvement. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and quality is unsurpassed.

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