Lefu Hot Selling Roll to Roll laminators

2022-06-28 17:18:09

Lefu laminator focus on roll to roll and flat bed laminators from 2006, it’s more than 16 years. Lefu laminator persist integrity is the fundamental enterprise, creating value for customers, clients service should be coming first. Lefu will provide you a professional, efficient, high-quality way to solve any problem during laminating. Today, let’s learn more about Lefu laminators together.

D1 详情图

The first to appear is the LF1700-D1 Automatic Hot and Cold Laminator. LF1700-D1 is our best selling laminator and it is the most cost-effective of all our laminators. It is equipped with three special tungsten steel cutters, which cut sharply and slide freely on the rollers. If you want a machine with good quality, long life and easy installation, the D1 is definitely your best choice.


Cutters: ≥3 Sets

Max Lamination Width: 1630mm/64”

Max Lamination Thickness: 28mm/1.1”

Laminating Type: Hot and Cold

Diameter of Upper Roller: 130mm (Silicon)

The second one is still our best-selling model LF1700-D4. It is exquisite in appearance, elegant in color, and excellent in quality, bringing you a different lamination experience. This model can Laminate and cut in one step, convenient worry, cost saving, improve laminating efficiency. It is mainly for cold lamination, It is suitable for customers with low budget and cold lamination.


Cutters: ≥ 3sets

Max Lamination Width: 1630mm/74”

Max Lamination Thickness: 23mm/0.9”

Laminating Type: Warm (Heat Assist)

Diameter of Upper Roller: 120mm (Silicon)

All in all, Lefu works closely with customers and printer manufacturers to develop laminating solutions for the latest print technology, gives us full control over quality flexibility with regard to design changes, customization and product improvement. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and quality is unsurpassed.

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