How to Keep the Paper In Autumn and Summer

2020-04-30 15:27:57

In autumn and summer, paper is easily affected by static electricity. The static electricity is easy to attract dust, and it will have a great impact on the cold laminating film. Therefore, the automatic laminating machine can be connected to the ground wire and discharge the static electricity with the ground wire. Before charging, you must discharge your hands first. You can wear a static wristband or touch other grounded metal objects.

Electric Hot /Cold Single /Double Roll Laminating Machine

In addition, we must pay attention to the indoor air humidity; some research materials indicate that when the indoor air humidity is less than 30%, it is conducive to friction and static electricity. If the temperature is increased to 45%, static electricity will hardly occur. The influence of electrostatic particles on the circle moving laminator cannot be prevented, especially the highlighting should be paid attention to, but we can still reduce the impact to a minimum. Many full-automatic laminating machines used in large printing plants require the use of professional electrostatic elimination equipment such as ion wind bars. The strong ion wind removes the static electricity and dust on the surface of objects.

Electric Hot /Cold Single /Double Roll Laminating Machine

Nowadays, there are many PE electrostatic films. The PET film electrostatic film uses the principle of electrostatic magnetism to paste PVC film. This kind of film is mostly used for anti-counterfeiting printing labels, stickers, barcode stickers, etc. The small width of the film is not suitable for graphics.

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