How to Choose a Suitable Lefu Laminator

2022-01-12 14:57:18

Lefu laminators are now available in seven of the most popular models. Each model differs from the other in appearance, for example, in maximum laminating thickness, laminating speed, and power. So how do you choose a laminator that is perfectly suited to your local production needs?

First, you should choose a cold laminator or a hot laminator according to your laminating needs. Because the laminating temperature of a hot laminator is different from that of a cold laminator. The laminating temperature for cold laminators is 0~60℃ (140℉) and the laminating temperature for hot laminators is 0~120℃ (248℉). You need to choose the right temperature according to your laminating material. For example, if your laminating material only needs to laminate PVC film on the product without additional heating, then you can choose a cold laminator. Conversely, if you need to use the laminator’s adhesive rollers to melt the adhesive behind the film and then laminate the material, then you need a hot laminator.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

Secondly, you need to decide on a model based on your production speed. lefu roll-to-roll laminators have a wide range of laminating speeds. the LF1700-F1 heavy-duty laminator can reach a maximum laminating speed of 50 meters per minute, while the LF1700-D4 has a maximum laminating speed of 9 meters per minute. Therefore, the price of LF1700-F1 is relatively higher and the price of LF1700-D4 is relatively lower. The laminating speed of the Lefu laminator is not unchangeable but can be adjusted independently according to the needs. However, it is limited by the maximum laminating speed.

In addition, depending on the local voltage and the whole requirement of the socket, it is necessary to confirm this when ordering.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

Finally, the quality of Lefu laminators is very good, but it is important to maintain your Lefu laminator on a regular basis to make sure it is ready to serve your laminating production.

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