Basic Knowledge about Advertising Laminating Machine

2020-05-26 15:10:38

As we all know, cold laminating film is an indispensable process of inkjet photo (indoor), which can not only ensure the quality but also make the work icing on the cake. Of course, it can more indirectly reflect the company’s strength for customers, thereby bringing more potential benefits. For users of large-format color inkjet printers, cold laminators and hot laminators are indispensable machines for post-processing such as photos, inkjets, and photo shoots. However, how do advertising laminators be classified? Here are the following introductions for you:

There are generally two types of large advertising screens:

Outdoor advertising and indoor advertising are two different directions. Many friends want to find an outdoor and indoor equipment. Due to the limitations of ink and printing technology, there is no such machine. The consumables used in these two categories are roughly the following:

Electric Hot /Cold Single /Double Roll Laminating Machine

A.Indoor photo (photo machine)

1. PP film (also known as our poster, exquisite colloid, high precision, but there is no self-adhesive surface on the back, customers can use double-sided tape on the wall, can be used multiple times)

2. Adhesive (the difference with PP film is that it has its own adhesive surface, the customer tears the back film and sticks it on the wall.

3. Light box film (exquisite inkjet in front of the lightbox, which is different from the printing on our common signboards, but used for inkjet printing on McDonald’s vegetable brand lightboxes, which has the characteristics of exquisite images and moderate light transmission)

4. Ordinary board with adhesive backing (that is, sticking the adhesive back to a special KT board similar to foam board, and then adding side strips around to form a picture frame. This material is light and can be used for company decoration and exhibition display. )

Electric Hot /Cold Single /Double Roll Laminating Machine

5. Silk cloth (similar to silk-like inkjet material, used for more romantic and elegant display occasions, such as clothing stores, etc.)

6. Transparent adhesive (the other kind of adhesive, but this kind of transparent phenomenon, most of them are used for posting at the door. This material is noble and generous and is an option for displaying the company’s image.)

B. Outdoor inkjet (jet printer)

1. Outdoor outdoor light cloth (we see large-scale outdoor painting, this kind of light belongs to the light from the outside to the spray cloth.

2. Outdoor interior light cloth (we see the painting on the outdoor signboard, this kind of light belongs to the light in the light box to radiate outward.)

3, body stickers (for printing on the car body, this type of printing has good adhesion and anti-sunlight)

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