What’s the Difference between Lamination and Encapsulation?

2021-04-02 14:05:32
Lamination and encapsulation are two very similar processes that essentially do similar jobs but have different purposes.
Lamination: Laminating your print is using a thin sheet of clear plastic on either one or both sides of your print. You can choose LeFu brand wide format laminating machine, such as LF1700-D1 laminator, which max laminating width can up to 1630mm, that is much great for different size materials. Do laminating by LeFu automatic roll to roll laminator helps protect from handling damage and prevents any smudging, most prints are dry ink but it keeps the issue at bay. It helps keep a protective layer on your print for heavy use too. It is commonly used for outer covers or corporate prints. 
You also can choose LF1325-B4 tale laminator for helping with your business. It’s supper ideal for any office materials and indoor or outdoor ad marketing items.
Encapsulation: Encapsulation is using a sheet of clear plastic again but you can choose the range of thickness or grades applied to both sides of your print. It extends beyond the print by around 5-10mm sealing the paper within the sheet of plastic. Almost like a cover! It is more protective than laminate and is waterproof. You’ll usually find encapsulation for items like ID badges, or menus – any environment where you want to ensure long lasting prints with the ability to wipe clean too.
If there’s a particular print you’d like laminated or encapsulated, let us know and contact us for more information about how we can bring your print to life!
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