The Characteristics and Uses of the Automatic Laminating Machine?

2020-03-07 16:33:44
In the printing industry, the laminating machine is indispensable, and its work efficiency is widely recognized. What are the characteristics and uses of the automatic laminating machine? Let Lefu laminating machine take you to understand. The automatic laminating machine press the plastic film on the paper through the Machining Technic. This is widely used in people’s daily life. It is mainly used in magazines, book covers, boxes, calendars, hand-held paper bags, etc. It is ubiquitous. In the past, the traditional laminating machine was inefficient and the labor cost was high. Nowadays, people have invented the automatic laminating machine, which uses modern advanced laminating technology to automate paper feeding and paper cutting, which greatly improves the Production efficiency and reduces the cost of labor input. Not only that, the products laminated by the automatic laminating machine are more beautiful and beautiful in color, and are moisture-proof, easy to clean and durable. The laminating machine is generally composed of three parts: sizing, drying, and hot pressing. Gluing, it mainly uses adjustment devices to adjust the amount of glue to meet different needs. The drying tunnel, which mainly uses electric heating pipes and fans, completes the work of adhesive drying on the drying tunnel of 2 to 3 meters. Hot pressing is mainly to obtain a firm interface layer for durability. The above are the characteristics and uses of the automatic laminating machine, if you are interested, please contact us! Welcome to Zhengzhou Lefu CNC Equipment Co., Ltd
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