The 1.3*2.5m and 1.7*3.2m Size of LeFu Flatbed Applicator

2023-11-13 08:31:27

A flatbed applicator is a machine used in various industries, such as printing, graphics, and sign-making, to apply materials onto a substrate with precision and efficiency. It is primarily designed to handle large-format and rigid substrates.

Versatility: Flatbed applicators can work with a wide range of materials, including self-adhesive vinyl, films, laminates, textiles, rigid boards, and more. This versatility allows for diverse applications in different industries.

Flat Surface: The machine has a large, flat surface where the substrate is placed for application. This ensures that the material is properly aligned and avoids imperfections such as air bubbles or wrinkles.

Pressure Rollers: Flatbed applicators are equipped with pressure rollers or a conveyor system that evenly applies pressure to the material during application. This ensures secure adhesion, especially when working with self-adhesive films or vinyl.

LF1325-B4 Flatbed Laminator

Max Lamination Width: 1300mm/51.18”

Max Lamination Length: 2500mm/ 98.42”

Max Laminating Thickness: 50mm/1.96”

Lamination Temp: Warm 0~60C/0~140F.

Lefu LF1325-B4 Flatbed Laminator, Max Lamination Width: 1300mm/51.18”, Max Lamination Length: 2500mm/ 98.42”, Max Laminating Thickness: 50mm/1.96”. Lamination Type: Warm 0~60C/0~140F.

Cutting and Trimming: Some flatbed applicators have additional cutting or trimming capabilities, allowing for precise cutting of excess material or trimming edges for a clean finish. This helps in creating professional-looking outputs.

Lamination and Mounting: Flatbed applicators can also be utilized for laminating graphic prints or mounting them onto rigid boards or panels. This process improves durability, protection against UV rays, and enhances the overall appearance of the finished product.

Wide Format Printing Support: Many flatbed applicators are designed to accommodate wide-format prints, making them suitable for large-scale projects like banners, signage, vehicle wraps, and wall graphics.

Easy Operation: Flatbed applicators are designed for user-friendly operation. They often have intuitive controls and adjustable settings to accommodate different materials and application requirements. This allows operators to quickly learn and operate the machine effectively.

LF1732-B4 Flatbed Laminator

Max Lamination Width: 1700mm/66.92”

Max Lamination Length: 3200mm/125.98”

Max Laminating Thickness: 50mm/1.96”

Lamination Temp: Warm 0~60C/0~140F.

Lefu LF1732-B4 Flatbed Laminator,  Max Lamination Width: 1700mm/66.92”, Max Lamination Length: 3200mm/125.98”, Max Laminating Thickness: 50mm/1.96”. Lamination Type: Warm 0~60C/0~140F.

Multiple Industry Applications: Flatbed applicators find utility across different industries beyond printing and graphics. They can be used in areas like packaging, automotive, construction, textiles, and more, where precise and efficient material application is required.

Overall, flatbed applicators are versatile machines that offer numerous benefits in terms of efficiency, quality, customization, and versatility. They streamline the application process, enhance the durability of the finished product, and provide opportunities for creativity and design flexibility in various industries.

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