Lefu LF1700-D2 PRO Hot and Cold High Speed Double Side Laminator

2022-06-10 15:42:38

As the core back-end process of jet printing, laminating is the most daily operation of advertisers. The laminating machine is also the basic configuration of advertising production companies, which is a powerful guarantee for perfect products! Therefore, a handy enchanting device is essential.

So, how to choose a high-quality device at a better price? Today I will introduce you a fully automatic laminating machine—LF1700-D2 PRO

Lefu LF1700-D2 Full-auto Hot and Cold High Speed Double Side Laminating Machine is professional solutions for sign makers and print finishers for extra capacity, cost effective finishing. LF1700-D2 double sided wide format laminator can laminate withstand heat materials, including signs, banners, windows graphics, reel to reel laminates.

LF1700-D2 详情图

As the LF700-D2 continues to be proven in the market, we are constantly making improvements and upgrades. The model is more beautiful, more three-dimensional and more high-end. The advantages of high precision and low cost lamination are only to bring customers an excellent lamination experience. LF1700-D2 PRO truly achieves unattended and efficient lamination, which not only creates value for customers, but also leads a new and epoch-making direction in the lamination industry!

As a representative of Lefu’s new model style, LF1700-D2 has a large screen and multi-column display, which makes the operation more intuitive and convenient. One person can realize lamination and cutting, which can meet the needs of more customers and save a lot of material costs and labor costs.

Lefuhttps://www.hotlaminator.cn/ is a professional advertising equipment manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and service. At the beginning of its establishment, it has been independently developing and producing laminating machines, adhering to the principle of “innovation carries dreams, quality determines the future”. Lefu continues to provide consumers with better products and services through excellent management, advanced research and development, fine production, and excellent service.

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