Lefu LF1325-B4 New Model Flat Bed Laminator

2022-06-17 15:19:29

Lefu LF1325-B4 New Model Flat Bed Bubble Free Laminator has been upgraded in color and performance. Well equipped Lefu LF1325-B4 multipurpose applicator enabling superior production method. Get creative with displays! Use LF1325-B4 table to laminate banners, mount images, apply transfers to vinyl graphics, or simply as a work station for cutting and laminating. No matter the display, Lefu can help bring your customer’s vision into reality. Now, let’s take a look at the Lefu LF1325-B4 New Model Flat Bed Laminator.


New apperance with classic black

Lefu LF1325-B4 New Model Flat Bed Laminator is exquisite in appearance, elegant in color, and excellent in quality, bringing you a different lamination experience. It breaks the traditional laminating design concept and can cover special-shaped materials.

Widely used for different size boards 

LeFu LF1325-B4 Flatbed Laminator is quipped multipurpose table laminator that can meet access to the superior production method provided.


Unique tilted table of LF1325-B4 flatbed laminator

LF1325-B4 Flatbed Laminator uses unique tilted table can reduce the delivery cost and more easier to entry the facility. Fast assembling and easy operating.

Rear roll holder of LF1325-B4 flatbed laminator

Roll holder of LF1325-B4 Flatbed Laminator at bed rear for printed or cut film.


Silicon roller of LF1325-B4 flatbed laminator

LED Illumination.  130mm Silicon Roller. Safety Glass.  Optional Side-tray.

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