Lefu Cold Laminator Operating Skills

2020-08-05 14:57:22

(1)If the consumables are off during the process of idling or cold mounting, it means that there is a problem with the operation and has nothing to do with the consumables.

(2)}Adjust the position of the consumables on the platform so that the tightness of both ends on the cold laminator is basically the same, and then adjust the pressure regulating hand wheel on the cold laminator, lower the glue roller, and adjust it to the idle position. The pressure at both ends must be consistent.

(3)If it is an air-travel cold laminator, you can shake the hand wheel to move the consumables forward. It must be even when shaking, and the walking speed must be consistent, not fast and slow. If there is no wrinkle within 5 meters after empty travel, it means that the consumables have no quality problems.

(4) Adjust the pressure regulating hand wheel on the cold laminator, raise the glue roller, and then pass the material out of the cold laminator by 10 cm.

 Electric Hot /Cold Single /Double Roll Laminating Machine

(5) When cold laminating is required, the cold laminating film must be passed through the two rubber rollers of the cold laminator 10 cm, and placed on top of the consumable. The PVC film and the consumable must be aligned on both sides.

(6)When cold laminating is required, first fold the release paper of the cold laminating film inward to expose the glue surface on the PVC film, and then shake the handwheel in the opposite direction, first stick this glue surface to the consumable, and then Turn the laminating film to the back of the rubber roller, slowly uncover the cold laminating film from the fold, and then turn the rubber roller to make it forward. With the rotation of the rubber roller, slowly remove the release paper and keep both sides tight. The degree is consistent with a certain intensity until the end of the cold lamination.

(7)Put the material that needs to be laminating or running the cold laminator on the rubber roller in front of the cold laminator, and the coating side will face up after entering the cold laminator.

(8) Install the cold laminator on a special support and place it on a stable and firm workbench. Then make a special platform for film laminating, the height is 5 mm lower than the edge of the cold laminator, the width is 1600 mm, and the length is more than 1 meter.

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