Lefu Cold Laminating Wrinkle Analysis and Cold Laminating Machine Operating Skills

2020-08-17 14:46:01
Why does the printerspray painting wrinkle when the film is too cold? What are the tricks? Analysis of the causes of wrinkles during cold mounting: (1) The quality of the cold laminator is different, and the laminating film with a poor cold laminator causes the laminating film to wrinkle. (2) The staff’s poor operating skills or improper operation directly caused the film to wrinkle during cold lamination. (3) The poor temperature resistance of raw materials causes deformation after entering the oven, causing wrinkles during cold laminating. (4) The raw material has large unilateral tightness or looseness on both sides and tightness in the middle, resulting in uneven paper, causing wrinkles during cold lamination How to deal with problems after mounting the film: Large areas of the screen have a feeling of “fog” 1. Insufficient film pressure — adjust the pressure of the cold laminator; 2. The two ends of the cold laminator are uneven—adjust the adjustment screws of the cold laminator to achieve an equal distance; 3. Over the photo paper-the surface of the photo paper is not flat, generally around 25 degrees, it will disappear automatically after 2-3 hours, the higher the temperature, the faster it will disappear; It’s good after painting, but there are “bubbles” after a period of time (or the next day): 1. The glue is not “cured” thoroughly—open the cold-laminated film packaging and place it in the air for 2-5 days, so that the glue can be fully “cured” under natural conditions; 2. The picture is not sufficiently dry, especially in winter, because the ink contains antifreeze components in winter, which is not easy to volatilize completely. — Let the picture dry enough, generally the winter time is twice as long as summer and autumn. There are “white spots” after the screen: 1. There is dust in the air — A. Purify the operating environment, B. Turn off the source of blowing or air intake; 2. Water droplets (such as saliva) are accidentally splashed on the surface of the spray painting — A. Be careful during operation, especially when speaking, do not face the screen, B. The air temperature in a dry environment, such as: turn on the air conditioner, hot air blower or ventilation, etc.
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