Lefu Automatic Roll to Roll Laminators

2022-03-01 15:11:53

The Lefu Automatic Roll to Roll Laminators is 63 inches wide so you can laminate large documents or a lot of materials at once. The maximal thickness can be about 28mm. These laminator have a stand. You can pull them easily from a room to room since it’s placed on the little wheels.


Good color reducibility and light transmittance, free of bubbles and snowflake point!

Free heavy duty floor stand with caster wheels; Laminates graphics up to 63in wide.

Drop in type interchangeable 3 inches aluminum shaft; Manual nip adjustment up to 1.38 inch for handling of most substrates

102mm (4in) bigger rollers for best quality laminating control; Safety eyes for increased operator safety

Foot switch for hands free operation; Removable front worktable for easy film setup.

Adopt new – style aluminum alloy supporting roller; One side hand crank lift up system.

Button type control panel,variable speed control, forward and reverse direction control.

E-stop and photocell installed for safety, both auto and foot pedal switch mode.

Removable pressure plate; Stand assembled at customer site.


Hand crank and electric lifting: compared with pneumatic lifting structure, the roll parallel setting is more stable, meet the needs of high end customers with high laminating quality request, and there are fewer after-sales problems;

Rubber roller: the original raw rubber roller has good elasticity and durability compared with the recycled rubber;

Mechanical installation: the sheet metal is cut by laser to ensure the correct installation of the mounting hole, so as to ensure that the unwind/rewind shaft is parallel and finishing lamination is without wrinkle and air-bubble;

Electric wiring: the design of electrical structure is humanized and easy to operate.

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