Lefu 1700mm series Automatic Hot/Cold Laminator

2022-02-17 15:07:24

High-performance laminator suitable for industrial applications where speed and heat is required. It performs laminating, mounting and encapsulating of prints, along with applying application tape and double-sided adhesive. Compatible with a wide range of laminating film.


Professional sturdy laminator designed for daily use with high quality results

64-inch aluminium shafts for easy loading and unloading of rolls

Supports heavy rolls with a diameter up to 130mm due to the increased distance between rollers and support shafts

Convenient rear take-up/rewinder for ease of use on long laminating runs

Heated upper roller with preset electronic temperature regulation

Intuitive set-up and operation using the user-friendly control panel

The Lefu 1700mm Series is a versatile single-sied and double-sided laminating machine incorporating heated roller technology with a competitive laminating speed of up to 18m/min. As well as providing a great deal of flexibility in terms of laminating, the Lefu 1700mm Series offers users a mounting option of up to 13mm. With the advantage of a multi-step pressure control system which controls roller tension according to the type of material being laminated, a quality finish is assured every time.

Independent temperature control of the top and bottom rollers using infrared technology gives the user the confidence and the ability to produce great results for a wide range of their presentation needs. Although the warm-up time for the Lefu 1700mm Series is longer than other machines of this kind, the stand-by function ensures that once the machine is running, the start-up time for subsequent uses is minimised significantly. This series machine also incorporates a rewinder mechanism, useful when using the machine with Microcrystal Films or Cold Film.

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