How to Use Our Flatbed Laminator?

2020-04-11 15:47:44

1. Position the material in the center of the working table.

2. Place the metal sheet on a section of polystyrene or similar material to stabilize the sign and distribute the pressure.

3.Place the graphic on the substrate and measure to the exact size.

Electric Hot /Cold Single /Double Roll Laminating Machine

4. Using the control button on the top of the machine, press the roller against the substrate to fix the graphic into place.

5.Fold half of the graphic over the roller.

6. Peel off the liner form the half that is above the roller.

7. Fold the liner back underneath the roller to form an even pleat, as shown in picture.

8. Get the right to the edge of the liner, raise the roller slightly so that it does not roll onto the table. Make sure that the graphic is pressed against the roller.

9. Slide the guide beam slightly and manually to finish the whole lamination.

10. Laminated graphic

11. Trim to size if the graphic is larger than the substrate.

12. The result: a smooth sign without creases or bubbles.

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