Why You Need LEFU Tilting Flat Bed Laminating Applicator?

September 05, 2019

As a professional advertising industry logo manufacturer, in order to cover more wide materials, many users will prefer to use a flat laminator as a laminating machine.

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Lefu Laminator is a professional laminating machine manufacturer, focusing on the production of professional laminating machine for more than ten years. With its excellent machine performance and professional after-sales team, it has won the trust and favor of advertisers at home and abroad. Of course, for more customers overseas, the Lefu Laminator team has developed and launched a flat-plate laminating machine to provide more professional technical support to the advertising industry laminators in need.

At present, Lefu Laminator has two standard specifications of laminating machine, one is LF1325-B4 flat laminating machine (Lamination Size: 1.3*2.5m), and the other is LF1732-B4 flat laminating machine (Lamination Size: 1.7*3.2m).

Zhengzhou Mefu CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.

Undoubtedly, flatbed laminating machines can meet more filming needs of more users and bring them more business benefits. But indeed, from the above known data on the Lefu flat laminating machine, it is not difficult to find that the flat-plate type laminating machine will generally be much larger in size than the Roll to Roll type laminating machine. Therefore, many flat laminator users will have concerns about its size.

Because when they get the general flatbed applicator, they want to let the flatbed laminating machine enter a certain working space, such as the work shop, the studio, or the small user's living room, they have to use the original demolition. Doors or windows provide an entrance for the machine to enter a reasonable space. This is very troublesome and costly.

 Zhengzhou Mefu CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.

However, for import and export trade, the general flatbed applicator e will cost more land and sea transportation costs and fees charged by some destination ports due to the large size of the flat panel surface, and so on.

To this end, Lefu's R&D team has introduced the Lefu Tilting Flat Bed Laminator based on a better solution to the user's pre-use problems with the flat laminator installation, making the flat-panel that is generally horizontally placed with a convenient function that can be rotated and tilted. Through data comparison, it is found that the machine widths before and after tilting are quite different, which not only saves the relevant land and sea transportation costs and import and export costs, but also solves the practical problems caused by the flat panel size problem for most flat laminating machine users. Troubled, it won the unanimous praise of the overseas Lefu Tilting Flat Bed Laminator users, and it is also a breakthrough in the technical concept of the flat laminating machine manufacturer.

 Zhengzhou Mefu CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.

In addition, Lefu offers the LF1325-B4 Flat Bed Laminator and the LF1732-B4 Flat Bed Laminator with 60 degree heating and easy placement of material side slots for customers to choose from.

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