Why Does the Bottomless Paper Film Sometimes Deviate when Laminating?

July 02, 2018

These people who used bottomless paper film known that sometimes the no bottom film will deviate when laminating. The bottomless paper film and the sidelines of the graphics are very neat at the beginning, but gradually it went to one side. The problem is not serious if it just diverge from 2 to 3mm, but if it deviate too much, may be beyond the scope of the graphics, the laminating is failing.

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Why does this deviation happen?

According to our research, we believe there are several main reasons as below: 

1. The graphics does not roll up flat and the two ends of the graphics are not aligned.

Since the bottomless paper film laminating machines do not have a correcting system, they cannot be automatically aligned. Therefore, if the graphics is not neat, the film will deviate along with the graphics, the film and the graphics’ edges will not be aligned.


2. The laminating roller sticks with adhesive sticker

If the roller sticks with adhesive sticker, it will cause the paper to move unfavorably, not only will run away, but also will cause the graphics to be uneven, even cause the wrinkles. Therefore, if the roller accidentally sticks to the adhesive sticker, be sure to clean it.


3. No bottom paper film with serious loose edges

If there is serious loose edges of bottomless paper film , the film will run to the side when laminating. It will not only run away, but even wrinkle.


4. Laminating machine’s problems

  If the precision of the film laminator is too low, or unbalanced pressure at the two ends of the laminating roller, it will cause the film to run sideways.

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In general, it is the most common cause of deviation due to uneven graphics rewinding. Therefore, it is important that fold the graphics neatly and smoothly as much as possible during laminating process.