Which laminator is right for you?

November 22, 2019

Lefu laminator offers different kinds of roll to roll and flatbed laminators suitable for different laminating applications. There are many sizes, colors and speed for choice. Below are some basic guidelines to help you select the right laminator for you.

Lamination adds value by adding abrasion resistance, enhanced color, rigidity and improved longevity for UV protection. When choosing a graphics laminator there are dual heat, single heat or cold nip roller options. Such as, LF1700-D2 laminator can achieve double sides cold and hot laminating while LF1700-D4 is a single side and warm machine. The trick is to find the one that is just right for your immediate and future laminating needs. 

Choosing a laminator is not about which type is better than the other, it’s about which type is best suited for your applications and volume of output. 

Zhengzhou Mefu CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.

The laminator should match your market focus. If you’re going to do a lot of trade show graphics, for instance, you’ll want a beefier laminator with more functions, but if you’re a sign shop printing a lot of vinyl, a cold laminator will work just fine.

There are two other factors, beyond a laminator’s features and whether or not it provides hot or cold lamination, that are vital to work out beforehand: space and size, which are, of course, related. Moreover, your shop space should match the size and capabilities of the laminator. If you have 40-inch printing width capability you’re naturally going to need a 40-inch finishing device.

Zhengzhou Mefu CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.

Lastly, partner with a laminator company that will provide good service. This seems obvious, but you need to find out how responsive—or non-responsive—the company might be. It is imperative that a laminator company service and support their laminators to minimize your non-productive breakdowns. Lefu laminator provided every client a two-years warranty.