The Classification of Lamination

December 06, 2019

Lefu Laminator believe all of us know the function of laminator. It can cover a layer of film to protect the graphics from the harm of sunshine, rain and water etc.

But do you know the ways of Lamination work? Today, Let’s close to lamination process.

1. Cold Lamination:

Cold lamination is a way of using cold pressing method at room temperature to cover the film on the surface of graphic. There are single-sided lamination and double-sided lamination. In the operation method, there are also manual peeling film and self-removing film. The cold lamination process has the characteristics of simple operation, good effect and low cost. Widely used in advertising light boxes, engineering drawings and post-production of wedding photography.

Lefu laminator’s model:LF1700-D4, LF1700-B5, LF1700-B6, LF1700-D5 Roll to Roll laminator and 1325-B4 flatbed laminator with the characteristics of cold lamination type.

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2. Hot Lamination

Hot lamination is method of heating dedicated thermal film on a device to a certain temperature (about 100-180 ° C), which can be divided into single-sided and double-sided thermal lamination. Because of its light permeability and waterproofness is fine, good heat resistance, strong hardness, so it’s suitable for post-production of advertising pictures based on lights or other occasions. However, the hot laminator is complicated to operated, energy consumption is large, so the cost is a little higher than cold laminator.

Lefu laminator’s model:LF1700-D1, LF1700-D2 Double- sided, LF1700-D3 with the characteristics of hot lamination type.

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3. Vacuum Lamilation

It uses a special vacuum laminating machine to evacuate the air between the film and the graphics at a certain temperature to complete the lamination. 

The operation method is complicated, the cost is expensive and the screen size is limited. However, the lamination quality is high and the screen texture is strong

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