The Application of Film without backing paper.

August 21, 2018

1>The Width of each roller laminating film usually is   0.82m,0.914m,1.07m,1.28m,1.37m,1.52m, and the length of each roller normally is 202m.

2>Film without backing paper is mainly for the surface of Photo, it includes normal Photo and eco solvent photo.

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3>OPP film without backing paper only can be used to laminate on pp paper,pp postage stamp gum,lamp sheet, etc, it can’t be used to laminate on car sticker,PVC material,etc.

4>For the improved film without backing paper of PVC material, the application is not limited, which can be used to cover the surface of PP material, such as PP paper, PP , postage stamp gum,lamp sheet, etc.the film can also be used on the PVC material type of picture coating, such as car sticker, single through sticker, double through sticker, and so on, can completely achieve the effect of traditional cold yellow backing paper film.