Six Advantages of Using Low Temperature Cold Laminating Machine

July 21, 2018

1. Advanced double rubber roller heating technology for higher efficiency and safety.

High temperature resistance imported silicone roller is used on the upper and lower sides for anti-stick, good elasticity and long service life.

When the cold laminating is applied, the temperature can be set to 40-50°C.

The working temperature is usually set to 95°C when hot laminating.

The maximum temperature setting does not exceed 120°C.

2. Adopt the most advanced microprocessor system

Discharge and automatic uncovering paper adjustable tension system to improve the ductility of the film and avoid wrinkles.

Automatic rewinding system for finished graphics. Convenient and fast, saving labor and improving yield.

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3. Easy and convenient operation

External damper, fine-tuning at any time to ensure the film and feed and discharge materials do not deviate.

The film roller can be exchanged left and right lightly and fast.

Single-side linkage hand-cranked lifting roller, simple control, synchronous lifting, uniform pressure.
Reversible front work platform makes it convenient for machine maintenance, and save space.
4. Multiple security protection design is more people-oriented

Intelligent Control Panel: It’s easy to increase the laminating speed, change the way of laminating and switch the rotation mode.
Foot switch: Control motor running speed, jog control, single-person operation is more convenient.
Emergency stop switch: Solve the emergency immediately.

5.High laminating efficiency and yield
The entire roll of 50 meters without deviation.
Reach up to 220 square meters / hour.
The thin gum will not wrinkle, and the dark picture is covered firmly.
6. Reduce costs and improve the quality
Directly reduce cost by 1.5 yuan per square.

Zhengzhou Mefu CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.
Realize single person or unmanned operation.

* Good color reproduction, high brightness, no bubbles and snowflake phenomenon