Professional Silicon Roller Used on LeFu Laminator

November 29, 2019

We often hear the same question: “If laminators are in fact just two rollers and a motor, why are LeFu Laminators more expensive than others?” The answer is quite simple: They are just like cars. All of them have four wheels and a motor, but the price difference can be huge.

The laminating machine is a manually operated instrument, and therefore, even before your purchase, some physical and real presentation is needed. A technical data sheet gives vital information, but without touching the machine, it means nothing. To use the car analogy, the laminator operator does not buy a car based on a brochure alone. A “test drive” is clearly necessary. LeFu Laminator will participate Sign China Expo and APPPP Expo every year, it’s good chance if you want touch and try our laminators!

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Rollers are the most important part of the laminator. Their properties and behavior have a crucial influence on the operator’s efficiency and the final product quality. You have to check the diameter. Rollers on LeFu laminator, no matter roll laminators like LF1700-D1 and LF1700-D2 automatic roll laminator with cutters or the flat laminating machine like LF1325-B4 flatbed laminator, all are made of imported silicon rubber which diameter is 130mm. As a general rule: the bigger the better. Rollers with a bigger diameter are often better because they bend less, provide equal pressure and ̶ during operation ̶ apply less tension on the laminating film. LeFu hot and cold laminator with less tension on the laminating film is beneficial, especially when working with cast vinyls or standard laminating films, together with heat assistance.

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LeFu laminator is well-known with a bigger roller diameter on and has a positive impact on the possible amount of shrinkage of the over-stretched laminating film at the latter stage. This shrinkage, caused by over-stretching during the laminating process, usually leads to bleed at the end of a graphic, as well as to bending of the laminated boards, lifting corners and edges of the graphic or lifting the graphic from the corrugations (for example when wrapping cars).

Additionally, a bigger diameter of the roller is also better when it comes to laminating onto soft substrates. A bigger roller distributes pressure equally and over a wider area. Therefore, the substrates have less of a tendency to twist. 

When considering the roller parameters, check the thickness of the material. Thicker metal will provide better stability than thinner steel, even with the same roller diameter. Stronger and more stable rollers are important for laminating onto harder substrates, for example onto MDF and Glass.

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Another good parameter to check is the weight of the roller. Good and reliable rollers have a weight of approximately 40kg. More important is that weight of LeFu laminator is up to 55kgs! Two rollers in the machine means about 110kgs in total.

The last part of the roller you should focus on is the soft coating. This should be thick enough to resist possible grinding of the coating in the future. The rubber coating of LeFu laminator also provide perfect geometry, ideally with a crown shape on one of the two rollers.

In short words, that’s why LeFu laminator insist on providing the best silicon roller on LF1700 roll laminator and LF1325&1732 flatbed laminator for more than 12 years!

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