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Methods of Operation Laminator

August 03, 2018


1>pls prepare the lamination material ready, and put it on the middle of laminator material bar. (PS: This material must use 3 inch paper tube , and two side neat, material surface flat.)

2> Put film on the middle of film bar, to avoid the glue on the silicon roller, the width of film must be short a little than lamination material.

3> Then put the appropriate winding paper tube on the winding roller.

4> Tearing up some film, and stick one paper that above 20mm.( paper can be the backing paper of car sticker, or the extra lamination material.

5> Pls stand the front of machine, two hands hold the paper of film, one foot press the stripe at the bottom of machine. Pull to the front of machine when film stripping completely.



Sometime, due to the different of laminator, the different needs of customer, the lamination methods and steps are change.

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Method one:

1> first make sure up silicon embossing roller higher, and let film through the up silicon embossing roller, then pull the film tidily and stick it on the winding paper tube neatly.

2> Put the material through the down side of up silicon embossing roller neatly, then let roller down and press the film.

3> Raise the roller up, pull the film back a little when the material over the distance between work panel and roller, aim to avoid material are rolled into the gap of work panel,(no need do this when there is no work panel at the back of laminator).

4> when put silicon embossing roller down, you can start to operate machine.


Method two:

1> To save the film material, operator can pull material neatly and put the down side of up silicon embossing roller firstly, then let the roller down and press the material.

2> let silicon embossing roller up, then pull film neatly, and stick the down side of up silicon embossing roller, then stick film on the silicon embossing roller by textured paper and press roller down.

3> Start laminator running



1> The lamination material picture must be clear and dry, material winding need neat and flat.

2> The film roller must be neat and flat, and don’t add any external tension when pulling it. 

3> Each roller material need to keep some free space at the beginning to avoid the glue mark when film removing.    

4> Different material decide the lamination pressure, pp material need bigger lamination pressure, car sticker need smaller lamination pressure, the specific pressure depends on the situation.