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Laminating Solution

August 31, 2018

First, the picture has a large blur area

1. Insufficient pressure of the membrane - adjust the pressure of the roller;

2. The ends of the machine are not flat – adjust the switch to reach the equidistance.


Second, there are some white dots after the laminating

1. PP adhesive film surface is rough- A. Replace the PP film, B. or use the cold laminating film that studio dedicated

2. There is dust in the air - A. Purify the operating environment, B. Turn off the air or the source of the wind;

3. Water droplets (such as saliva) are inadvertently splashed onto the surface of the pictures - A. Pay attention to the operation, especially when speaking, do not face the picture, B. Dry air temperature, such as, use air conditioning, hot air blower or ventilation.

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Third, after a period of time of lamination, there is some bubbles in the pictures

1. The picture is not fully dry (especially in winter). Because the ink in winter contains antifreeze components, it is not easy to make the picture completely dry. So we should take longer time to dry pictures before starting laminating.


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