How to save the cost when doing lamination

June 23, 2018

For whatever project, cost must be considered. When we doing lamination, how to save the laminate cost after finished printing. Because the laminate cost is related to the picture. It should be mentioned that many people without much thought about this question. How can we deal with it? Please refer to the following tips:

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1. Flatten the pictures. To prevent the the paper from the lotus leaf or tight selvedge. The lotus leaf paper can be baked. Do paper seasoning for the tight selvedge paper.

2. Do lamination when drying up, otherwise it will cause bubble or napping.

3. Grain direction should be correct as always, especially the thick paper, the phenomena of paper curling, which seems to be caused by laminate and stretch, means that we should avoid this type of situation. There are also the range of temperature for you to define is from 40 to 60℃. The paper and film will become distorted and cause curly products because of the high temperature. But it shouldn't be too low. Viscosity is not enough under the low temperature.The coated art paper temperature should lower than offset paper.