How to deal with the static electricity when the laminator laminating is too large?

April 10, 2019

In autumn and winter, paper is very susceptible to static electricity, especially in the dry north. As far as Beijing is concerned, due to the small indoor air humidity, the water molecules are greatly reduced, and the heating is very large. It is easy to absorb dust when it is very static, which will have a great impact on cold laminating film. Therefore, the laminating machine can be connected to the ground wire, and the static electricity is discharged by the grounding wire. Before the charging operation, the hands must be discharged first, and the static eliminating bracelet or the other grounded metal objects can be worn.

In addition, attention should be paid to the indoor air humidity; research data indicates that when the indoor air humidity is lower than 30%, it is beneficial to generate static electricity by friction. If the temperature is increased to 45%, static electricity is difficult to produce.

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The effect of electrostatic particles on the laminating machine is inevitable, especially when sticking to high light, but we can still minimize the impact. Many automatic laminating machines used in large printing plants need to use professional static elimination such as ion wind sticks. Equipment, its strong ion wind removes static electricity and dust foreign matter on the surface of the object.

There are a lot of PE electrostatic films, PET film electrostatic film uses electrostatic magnetic principle to paste PVC film, which is mostly used for anti-counterfeiting labels, self-adhesive labels, barcode stickers, etc., the film is small and not suitable for graphic Laminated coating application.