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How to clean the rubber roller?

July 13, 2018

In order to extend the life of your laminator roller, it is necessary to keep the roll clean every day. But do you know how to clean the rubber roller?


Here are some advice.

    1. Regularly check the power supply and the foot switch connection for damage, and prevent leakage accidents.

2. Not use cutters or hard stuff to scratch the roller; when the laminating work is finished, the rubber roller should be lifted to prevent the rubber roller from being deformed for a long time.

3.keep the roller clean from dust and viscose, and clean roller with cotton yarn and alcohol on time.

 4. The heating must be stopped when wiping the roller. Only the temperature below 40 °C  the roller can be wiped.

    5. Gently rotate to wipe roller to avoid a concentrated wipe, which may cause damage to the surface of roller.

6. Check the flexibility of the rotating parts regularly, and add high temperature resistant grease to lubricate the bearings at both ends of the roller.

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     Have you maintained your laminating machine roller today? If not, follow the above requirements and act quickly!