How to Deal with Bubble during Your Laminating Work?

June 27, 2018

How is your laminator work? Are you always worried about the paper wrinkle and bubble? Do you want your laminator doing better performance? Now, LEFU Laminator can help you.


The following are some problems and corresponding solutions during laminating work:

 Zhengzhou Mefu CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.

1. The bottom paper is wet.

Dry the bottom paper, delay laminator coating time.

2. The ink layer is too thick.

Increase the laminating pressure and temperature.

3. Lamination temperature is too high, the adhesive surface crust.

Lower the lamination temperature

4. Lamination film wrinkles or loose, film uneven or curling.

Replace the film and adjust the tension.

5. Lamination film surface with dust and impurities.

Keep the film clean.


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