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Cutting function of Laminator

September 10, 2019

Compared with traditional laminator(Without Blades), Lefu Laminator updated the technology again, improving the cutting function.

In order to combine lamination work with cutting work, Lefu laminator added cutting function into some kinds of roll laminator. It’s not only a lamination machine, but also a cutting machine.

Zhengzhou Mefu CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.

Compared with the early tool holder, it is more convenient and quick to move left and right. Three blades can be adjusted any place you need. Any size of the material can be cut. The knives are locked immediately after lowering, and the positioning is more precise. The new blades are all made of Japanese alloy steel, which is more cost-effective, double-edged design, durable. It’s suitable for lamps, photo papers, and other material. It makes the cutting work more fast and freely.

Zhengzhou Mefu CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.



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