Company Profile

LeFu Laminator is a leading manufacturer of hot laminator, cold laminator, heat-assist warm Laminator, automatic and manual laminator, laminating and cutting machine, thermal laminating films in China from 2006.

Since factory establish, LeFu has been an innovative force in the lamination industry from the introduction of the first single-side semi-automatic heat-assist cold laminator in 2006 for the market to the most recent introduction of laminating and cutting laminator in 2018. The new design and operation idea are used in laminating industry.

Rich experience of lamination technologies in the hardware and film, we have design, develop, manufacture and sell laminator to 31600 users for 61 countries (2017). Our two laminator brands MeFu and LeFu full-auto and semi-auto hot and cold laminators are popular in world market. The quality and service are welcome by our customers.

LeFu has set lamination standard for many types of wide format laminators. Since we invented the method and technology, it has undergone a natural development based on our customers’ requirements and specific problems as well as our own 9 year experience as manufacturer.

LeFu works closely with customers and printer manufacturers to develop lamination solutions for the latest print technology. We provide full control over quality and greater flexibility with regard to design changes, customization and product improvement. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and quality is unsurpassed.

  • Professional Laminator Manufacture in China
  • More than 100 Agents in World
  • More than 3000 Units Laminators Sales Every Year

Development History